Peer Networking

The Principal People Peer Network is designed to provide a platform for professional introductions between like-minded individuals who may face the same challenges, or have implemented exceptionally successful processes in order to overcome challenges they may have faced. This concept allows HSEQ professionals to share ideas, successes and difficulties within an open, informal and non-competitive environment.

Whether you are seeking guidance on a particular challenge you are facing, or would be happy to provide mentorship to another HSEQ / CSR and Sustainability professional, Principal People will match you to an individual within our network whom we feel establishing a connection with, will be mutually beneficial to both parties.

This concept has been widely embraced by our extensive professional network, built over 30 years and we are thrilled to have already successfully matched several hundred professionals who have either spoken or met in an informal capacity. Principal People leave the frequency and style of communication completely at your discretion, however we  also hold group Peer Network events on a regular basis, enabling those who have not yet had the opportunity to meet, to do so.

If you would like to participate please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team on 01252 759 162 or CLICK HERE to contact us.


Principal People introduce you to the Safety4good Mentoring programme. Safety4Good is an initiative led by Principal People as well as a selection of HSE Leaders to enhance the positive profile of the industry to colleagues, the media, government and the general public. Safety4Good has a Mentoring matching programme, CLICK HERE,  if you would like to find out more about how you could mentor someone within the industry or alternatively be mentored by an industry leader.  ​ 


"Supporting the next generation is something I am passionate about, as a profession we have a really important job to do that done well makes a positive difference. I was matched through the Safety4Good mentoring programme with an up and coming professional currently working with a law firm, so somewhat different from my current work in construction -  but that does not matter – the job is the same and it is refreshing to look at problems from different angles. We met face to face first, always works best in my view even if it can be difficult to arrange. We have now met a few times and I would like to think we have both gained something from the programme already. I would recommend others to get involved." 

Heather Bryant - Health, Safety, Environment & Sustainability Director at Balfour Beatty