Career Development

Each of our Associate Consultants are fully supported when they integrate into our business. We look for individuals with either sales experience, or a natural entrepreneurial spirit - managing and developing a recruitment desk is like running a mini business within a business. To us, it is about enabling each individual to achieve their personal and professional goals.

When you join Principal People, you work with a dedicated Manager who makes it their business to ensure your success. As a leadership team, it is vital for us to hand pick those who join us, as it is critical for us to be certain we can help you to be successful. If we recruit you, it is because we fundamentally believe that we have mutual goals which can be exceeded.

Each new team member completes a rigorous 12-week training academy with a true blend of classroom and practical based learning, each individual is given the opportunity to accelerate based on their personal learning styles.

Following the completion of the training academy, each team member is then given one to one support at desk if and where they need it. This could be anything from a practical session on a particular skill they need to polish, or extra support with a role they are resourcing, right through to targeting their chosen market.

Operationally, you will have weekly one to ones with your Manager, throughout which we discuss how we can better support you, alongside your challenges and the parts of the role you are particularly enjoying.

Through the learning and development support we provide to our team, in addition to the calibre of each individual within our business, we made 13 promotions last year alone.

Below are quotes from our team on what it is like to be a Trainee Consultant at PP:​ 

"Being a Trainee Consultant at PP is extremely challenging but is a brilliant opportunity to gain vast skills/techniques within recruitment. Our training academy is very helpful to boost our business development skills and it prepares you extremely well for the role. The business offers you the 360 lifestyle within recruitment where you have the chance to develop your own sector and resource roles for your Senior Consultant at the same time. Being in this position is extremely beneficial for you to make as much money as possible if you want to put in the hard work, dedication and commitment."

"Coming from a car sales background I have always been used to the pressure and stress that comes with a commission based role. Being used to the pressure and stress and embracing them are two very different things, during my time at Principal People I have learnt how to utilise these “constraints” to push myself to be the best recruiter I can be. Although it is a lot of hard work and more than a few late nights, with the specialist training from Tara Waterman and excellent leadership from an inspirational Director, Principal People are the easy choice to build a career in recruitment."

"Life at Principal People as a Trainee Consultant has been remarkable in every aspect. The development and support from the team here has been exceptional from day one, instantly making me feel part of the family. They helped me to establish myself within what is a competitive and fast-paced industry within such a short space of time! "