Training Academy

The first 18 months of starting a new career in recruitment can be incredibly challenging. We have developed a 12-week training academy for all of our new team, with hands on support continuing throughout your career with us, to ensure the best possible start for you.

We are campaigners for recruiting individuals with absolutely no recruitment experience and shaping them to be successful. Our new team members develop into revenue generators within 3 months through both our training programme and the support of our leadership team.

Every individual who joins us is unique, each with their own learning style, personal goals and ambitions, therefore we tailor the delivery of our training to get the absolute best from our new team members. It is not purely about how quickly you convert business, or how many weeks it takes to make your first placement – it is also about your personal motivators and why you have chosen recruitment as a career; critical to ensuring you are engaged and importantly enjoying the job!

If you join Principal People, one of your first gifts from us will be a personal goal book. A Director will meet with you monthly to hear about what you are trying to achieve personally, be it saving for a new car or a once in a lifetime trip, simply upgrading your wardrobe or vitally buying a home. We are visited by a financial advisor every year, to help you make the most of what can be lifechanging commission.

What is training academy like?

Training academy is an intensive training programme, delivered with a blend of theory based learning and practical application, tailored to support different experience and confidence levels.

New team members join training academy along with other new starters, so they are not alone and will always have others to bounce off. Each training academy is bespoke, therefore training can be slowed down (or indeed sped up!) dependent on the needs of the group. If one or two individuals feel they need to go over a particular topic in more detail, the platform is created to do just that. Equally if a team member has completed a module with flying colours ahead of the rest of the group; they will have the opportunity to apply the skill practically as opposed to continuing the theory element any more than they need to.

The first 5-6 weeks of training academy is candidate focused, with the remainder centred around business development. Typically in a week, we will spend 2 days out of 5 in the training suite and 3 days out of 5 learning by doing through practical application.

What is life like during training academy?

Your brain is highly active while you are learning about recruitment as a new career, therefore you are encouraged to go home on time and rest as much as possible, especially in the first few weeks of training academy.

None of our new team members have a target for their first 3 months, so you aren’t under any pressure to deliver immediately. Our goal is for you to learn, develop and importantly enjoy the job.

Generally, a new team member will be given their first job to work on from week four onwards in the role, which is fantastic as you earn commission across absolutely everything that you bill in your first 3 months, with no threshold.

What happens after training academy?

Outside of training academy, training and development continues for the entire business through bespoke one to one support from Tara Waterman who leads our inhouse training function, in addition to external parties. Principal People budget £40,000 a year for training and development. Throughout the year we work in partnership with industry renowned trainer Jeremy Snell to boost the skills of our established team.

We place emphasis on continual development and our structured career development criteria enable team members to tangibly map out what they need to achieve to progress. We made 11 promotions in 2016 and 13 in 2017.

Each year we will create a development plan in partnership with you to ensure that you are always fulfilling your potential. This continues right the way through your career development with us; our Management Team are enrolled on a comprehensive 12 monthly leadership programme, at the end of which they achieve an internal qualification.

At Principal People age is no barrier to success. We believe in our talent and do everything to enable everyone to exceed their potential. Josh Huggins was promoted to Director at 24, and Aleks who heads up our newest division, joined 4 years ago as an 18-year-old apprentice. 

Of 22 billing team members who have been with us more than 6 months, only 4 are still in the role they were hired into. 6 have progressed to Team Leader, 2 have achieved full Consultant status, 5 have progressed towards Senior or Principal Resourcer roles, 2 have been promoted to Account Managers and 2 Directors were internally promoted.