Principal People smash the Tough Mudder!

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Early yesterday morning team PP set off for one of the most challenging, emotionally and physically demanding, yet fun-filled assault courses in the UK. 

PP worked as a team tirelessley to make sure that everyone was on track and that no one got left behind which revealed their phenomenal team spirit.

Although it was a exhausting, everyone had an exceptional day and wore huge smiles throughout. (Especially when greeted with an ice cold alcoholic drink at the finish line)

Principal People completed the course to raise money and awareness for Oscar, Tara's son who has Spinal Muscular Atrophy. SMA is an incurable, progressive neuromuscular disease which see's children regress in their physical abilities. Read more about SMA here: http://www.nhs.uk/conditions/Spinal-muscular-atrophy/Pages/Introduction.aspx 


Reece (pictured in the lifeguard clothes) went on to run the full tough mudder afterwards - what a hero!


"Tough Mudder is a series of hardcore 10-12 mile obstacle race - mud run events designed by British Special Forces to challenge the toughest of the tough" https://toughmudder.co.uk/