Monday motivation

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Admittedly, its easy to feel demotivated on a Monday morning. You’ve just had a few days off to relax and now your back to early mornings and a big week ahead – quite a big difference.

At PP though, we ensure that our staff are excited to come in.

First thing on a Monday morning, we have a companywide meeting which is always fun and requires full engagement. This meeting often involves trivial quizzes, competitions and fitness-based activities. This maximises team energy massively and the team quickly changes from being slightly sleepy to rowdy and competitive. Which creates an excellent atmosphere.

Throughout the day, we involve music in our work. Every day we choose a 2pm song to get everybody feeling calm and refreshed. We also play a song every time we achieve something great. We have a jukebox in our office so that every time we celebrate, we do it in style. Occasionally, we all have a bit of a dance too (which involves some very spectacular dancing).

We encourage wellbeing in our office. We have wireless headphones so that our staff can walk and talk, we squat as a team twice a day, we’re only allowed to eat healthy snacks at our desk, we have a water tank for unlimited refills and we also have an exercise bike for anyone who is looking do some cardio whilst having a conversation. Our staff benefits also include our wellbeing allowances – this means that we get all get a fund from our company to keep fit and active during our downtime.

Every Monday, team incentives are also promoted. These incentives display how much we need to achieve to have a wonderful companywide celebration – such as a luxurious meal and a night out, a holiday, bonuses etc.

We are even investing in yoga sessions to keep the team relaxed and stress-free. These sessions will begin shortly and the team are very excited to see the results.

A healthy and happy team is what we aim to achieve and maintain every day and by doing this we are seeing positive results and personal happiness increasing.