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National Apprenticeship Week 2018 runs from 5th March to the 9th March.

During this time, apprentices come together to celebrate their successful apprenticeship experiences which include their self-development, promotions, increased professional confidence and also the qualifications they have gained. Employers also celebrate during this time - promoting their own apprentices and how vital they are for their businesses. 

Apprenticeships are incredibly important for young people who are looking to obtain experience in a business whilst also gaining their desired qualifications - building pathways for their futures.

Principal People are extremely proud of their apprentices - we have had many over the years and we are delighted and honoured that almost all have stayed with us. 


One of our apprentices is Alex.


Alex joined Principal People in January 2017 as an apprentice in our accounts division. 

He mentioned that 'although he enjoyed college, he wanted real working experience and the opportunity to earn money' - that's why he thought an apprenticeship was the best move for him. 

Alex was quick to learn the ropes and showed continuous progression throughout - creating processes which enabled more efficient working. 

When asking Alex what his apprenticeship work was like he replied 'It was excellent. I enjoyed relating the coursework to my personal scenarios - there was always a lot to write about. It was also nice to have time to put aside to do my coursework throughout the week whilst at work." 

'I would recommend it for any young person who wants to build their professional confidence and skillset' 

At present, Alex is now looking to progress his position further with a potential move across departments following the completion of his apprenticeship in January 2018.

Well done Alex, you are a significant team member and we are incredibly excited to watch you grow.