Wellbeing week day 1 - circuit training

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Today to celebrate Wellbeing Week, we participated in a gruelling circuit training session held and organised by our Managing Director, Simon Bliss.

As a participant, I can tell you that it was difficult. However, the feeling that we all shared of victory after we completed the course was magnificent! We all felt a great sense of achievement.

What inspired me the most to keep going during the session was seeing my colleagues around me pushing themselves to their limit. From fitness pros to beginners, the effort shared was monumental, and it really created a proactive and determined atmosphere.

The circuit included a notorious warm up of running around the outer premises of our office block twice followed by the circuit of crunches with weights, step ups with weights, press ups, squats, dips, lunges with weights, seated leg extensions, kettle bell swinging, planking and side jumps. Twice repeated followed by warm down stretches.

We now have the ambition to undertake a circuit training every Monday following the success we had today.