Wellbeing week day 2 - mindfulness

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Following on from an intense circuit training course yesterday, today’s focus was mindfulness.

The day was greeted by two yoga sessions in which we exercised our mind and body. Our yoga guru, Cathy Richardson, understood the stresses that recruitment can bring as she had previously worked in the industry herself. Her specialist yoga skills soon took us down the pathway from our office mindset to complete relaxation.

The yoga experience tested our physical strength with a series of stretches and balances.

After the yoga session, team members were mentioning that they felt a lot more relaxed. Which is what we expected to gain from the workout and we were pleased to see that positive results were noticeable throughout the day. No stresses, only positive energy and lots of movement.

As well as yoga, we also had a chiropractor visit the office. Our chiropractor spent 5-10 minutes with each member of staff assessing their general health and posture, all the while, offering advice to reduce the possibility of any symptoms worsening and how to prevent future symptoms.

Again, no unhealthy snacks are allowed in the office and water consumption is encouraged. We are not permitted to use the lifts in our office block and our walk/cycle to work scheme is in full swing.

Make sure that you look out for tomorrows update in relation to dietary requirements and our food choices.