Wellbeing week day 3 - food and dietary requirements

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As a team, we all agreed that we should be making more of an effort to eat a lot healthier, not just at work but at home too.

Team members openly admitted that they order takeaway far too often as it’s the easy option, especially if you’re in a hurry. As well as this, only 12 members of our team said that they consistently ate their 5 a day.

For our topic of Food, a well prepared, generously-sized and absolutely delicious meal was organised by our in-house chefs - Nicky Klein and Simon Bliss. The meal was based around incorporating fruits and vegetables into our everyday food choices, for example the salad included pomegranate seeds, beetroot, peppers, sunflower seeds, edame beans, apple slices and many more intricate ingredients. Alongside the salad, our chef’s assistant (Alex) barbequed chicken and mackerel. This addition provided the protein that we needed for a healthy, balanced meal.

After the meal, Simon presented to the team about why we should be eating healthier and how we can do this with ease. He printed out quick and easy healthy recipes to hand around so that we can prepare meals for lunch at work or for dinner at home.

As a team, we have now committed to our rule of eating healthy by expanding the brackets massively outside of this week, toalways.

No unhealthy snacks in the office… ever!