Wellbeing week day 4 - massages

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To celebrate day four of our wellbeing week, we held a fun wellbeing quiz.

The prize was a massage from a professional masseuse and only 18 people could win it – so the stakes were high.

The questions, topically themed around what we had learnt this week, challenged the team members at times. Nevertheless, it was excellent to see how much the team had learnt in such a short space of time about wellbeing, personal fitness and happiness.

There were floods of excitement in the room as soon as it hit lunch time as the winning team members knew that the masseuse was arriving shortly.

As the first of the winners walked into the enclosed room with the masseuse, we all waited in anticipation to hear all of the details about the massage and how it felt.

Each winner walked out of the room with their hair slightly messed up and their face tinted pink – but with a huge smile on each of their faces.

Expectations were certainly exceeded with each person saying that they felt absolutely amazing afterwards. One individual mentioned that they felt like a brand-new person!

Well done to everyone who won themselves a massage, it was well deserved.

There are more prizes to be won tomorrow as we draw a close to our wellbeing week. It’s been so much fun!