Wellbeing week day 5 - small changes that make a big difference

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Today our activity was a blind taste test. 

Our aim was to understand that when blindfolded and unable to see what is in front of you, if your perception of food and its taste changed at all. The message that we wanted to present to the team was in relation to the small changes that we could all make to our diets that wouldn't necessarily challenge our normal routines or food choices. 

As an example, 80% of our team couldn't taste a difference between the full fat cereal bars and the low-fat cereal bars. Even though the low-fat cereal bar contained half the amount of calories and sugar compared to the full fat ones. Making the choice to eat a low-fat cereal bar instead of the full fat one makes a small but powerful difference towards a healthier lifestyle. 

The results of the blind taste test were very interesting with most people preferring the low-fat alternatives. 

On Monday morning, full results will be presented to the team alongside statistics which will show how many calories, grams of sugar and grams of fat they could be avoiding just by choosing a healthier alternative of a food they enjoy.