Mental health and wellbeing

Health safety, COSHH, Health and safety officer...


Last year at the Safety and Health Expo, we openly encouraged safety professionals to share their knowledge and tips as to how to maintain wellbeing both personally and of that in an organisation. 

We wanted to know their secrets as to keeping themselves fit and healthy and their minds proactive and happy. 

Many of the people we asked had 'wellbeing' in their job title - so we knew we were asking the experts.

Writing all of their thoughts down in a little yellow book, we managed to collect over 150 entries.

Below you will find a few of my handpicked favourites.


"Offer employees extended lunch breaks once a week to allow them the opportunity to keep fit and boost productivity"


"Remember to smile"


"Work with your staff, consult and include them regarding wellbeing. Always feedback to them and do what you say you are going to do"


"Provide free fruit and cereal to all on site in the morning to deter from the traditional fry up!"


"Take an hour for lunch. Sleep for 8 hours. Take an annual holiday (with no calls and emails!)"


"We put ping-pong tables outside of our hospital so that everyone can come and play"


"Implement a behavioural based safety system for how people work / play outside of the workplace. I.e. encouragement to step back and think twice. Provide incentives for home use and eat your 5 a day."


"Make the link between Corporate Responsibility, HR and H&S so you can provide activities, support colleagues and provide proactive interventions - multidisciplinary groups are more likely to get things done. Sharing the load"


"Work life balance"


"Mindfulness classes at lunch time"


"More monitoring for mental illness, especially in the construction industry."


"Have a wellbeing champion who is approachable in each area with knowledge of health and first aid"


"Giving people the time and confidence to voice their opinions. This could be achieved by engaging the workforce and creating a H&S approach that is user friendly"