Senior leadership and coaching sessions event - May 1st

Health safety, COMAH, Health and safety officer...


On Tuesday 1st May, we held an exclusive event in London for senior leaders within health and safety around the topic of self-awareness, leadership and influencing.


We are pleased to say that the event, which included psychometric profiling and communication styles questionnaires, was a huge success. We have received feedback which states that participants learnt aspects about themselves that they have never identified or targeted before, but now that they are aware of these traits, they can tackle them head on or use them to their advantage.


The seminar was led by our affiliated executive business coach, Roger Evans in conjunction with our MD, Simon Bliss.


Our attendees were engaged and shared personal stories throughout the day, which aided other participants in the room to gauge an understanding of the people around them both personally and professionally.


Our aim was that all attendees could take something away from the day – to further their knowledge and the awareness of themselves and others in their day to day working lives.


We have an exciting array of events planned for this year including the Safety and Health expo, Safety Leadership Programmes and additional networking events. If you’re interested in attending any of our events or if you would like to see our full diary of events, please contact Jess on j.bullock@principalpeople.co.uk.