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We partner with FIND MY WHY, a leading behavioural profiling company who have designed excellent tools for guidance on the following:

  • Presenting your CV - today getting noticed is half the challenge. 80% of all candidates do not present themselves well via their CV
  • Understanding what your REAL motivations and drivers are - only apply for roles and organisations that will really motivate you
  • Providing you and potential employers with a full report on your motivations and strengths that will outstrip other candidates


See FIND MY WHY - this link gives you 20% discount. Reports start at just £8. For information, we were offered commission from FIND MY WHY but negotiated the discount and have passed this on to all our candidates. These people are amazing; they will truly help you focus on what's right for you and we can then find you and prepare you for the next role in your career path. 


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