Australian Bush Fires - Support us today!

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Safety4Good have a new fundraising campaign for a worthy cause that is causing both a human and environmental tragedy in Australia. The Bush Fires have so far caused 30 deaths, 2000+ homes lost, approximately 1.25 Billion animals lost alongside the 10.7 million hectares burnt. 

They’ve engaged their Australian Safety4Good Ambassador, Alligator Dundee, to kick off the campaign and he has flown over to the UK to head up the fundraising. They have two brilliant charities to support equally, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the Red Cross, who are directly supporting the homeless and misplaced persons. Click on this link to be directed to the Safety4Good website and the Virgin Money fundraising page: https://bit.ly/2NA7B88 

Also, they are working with the WWF more on a project which enables you to become a “Koala Protector” and you will receive a certificate to reward you for your support. This will cost £25 and could be a good idea for companies and teams who want to share their contributions. More news on this soon. 

Get clicking and support this worthy cause! www.Safety4Good.com


Watch their video below!