Weekly Insights from Principal People


Weekly Insights

As many businesses begin to focus on recovery in an everchanging environment, Principal People are pleased to be able to bring clarity, help and advice to our valued HSEQ community.

There are two parts to what we are offering to both our clients and candidates. The first is a range of insightful weekly releases over the coming months, to provide understanding and perspective for those working within the HSEQ industry.

Throughout the course of June and July, Principal People are pleased to provide weekly insights across a range of subjects. We have included below an overview of what to expect from the first four weeks.

  • Managing your mental health in the new working world with Tom Oxley and Ruth Denyer - Thursday 4th June at 13.30
  • Inside Safety results – we will be revealing the opinions, advice and answers provided by industry figureheads as to what the future of Safety looks like 
  • An interview with Andrew Sharman – we will be speaking to the president of IOSH to understand his perspective following the pandemic 
  • Reviewing the structure of your workforce following the Covid 19 pandemic, and identifying necessary changes to ensure organisational resilience for the future 

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