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Candidates are our clients too

In the modern age of job boards and online submissions, candidates have not had the attention and personal support they deserve as the "currency of all recruitment companies".

Rather than just search for that better job, why not get really focused on a better career? We are genuinely interested in long term relationships with all candidates who show real ability, application and a positive attitude to their future and ambitions.  

Working with us at Principal People you can really focus on your career rather than just your next job, albeit this should be a key stepping stone within that career path. We speak to hundreds of candidates every week and are building a strong reputation for being truly supportive and constructive with our candidates.  

Principal People have been recruiting for nearly 30 years solely in the health, safety and environmental marketplace. We have over 5000 employers on our database who employ H&S personnel and this number is growing weekly.

What recruitment opportunities do we offer?

  • Permanent
  • Contract – fixed term or daily rate options
  • Interim management – fixed term or daily rate options
  • Consultancy – one off pieces of work, daily rate              

Which staffing levels do we specialise in?

  • All qualification levels
  • Entry level
  • Middle management
  • Senior professionals

Want a better career not just a better job? 

Have you stopped to consider your career path is the right one? Are you are making the right decisions to achieve your goals? Have you set yourself personal and professional goals? If you would like to take up a consultation with one of our consultants, call us today on 01252 759 162.

We also partner with FIND MY WHY a leading behavioural profiling company who have designed excellent tools for guidance on the following:-

  • Presenting your CV - today getting noticed is half the challenge. 80% of all candidates do not present themselves well via their CV
  • Understanding what your REAL motivations and drivers are - only apply for roles and organisations that will really motivate you
  • Providing you and potential employers with a full report on your motivations and strengths that will outstrip other candidates

see This link gives you 20% discount. Reports start at just £8. For information, we were offered commission from FIND MY WHY but negotiated the discount and have passed this on to all our candidates. These people are amazing; they will truly help you focus on what's right for you and we can then find you and prepare you for the next role in your career path. 

Please see our Vacancies Page for all our current opportunities.