Consultancy Services

Hire a Consultant with Principal People


Our Consultancy service is tailored to organisations that require ad hoc and retained Health and Safety cover on either a long or short term basis with the flexibility to cancel this service with no notice required. Our service is aimed at organisations that  require qualified Health and Safety practitioners for between 1 - 20 days per month.

Tailored services, experienced professionals, business solutions.

Reasons for hiring a Consultant:

  1. Increased workload
  2. Health and Safety Consultancies looking for ad hoc Consultants
  3. Short term illness and holiday cover
  4. New accreditations and audits
  5. Implementations of new policies and procedures
  6. SME’s that do not require full time Health and Safety employees
  7. Project based works
  8. Documentations and templates

Benefits of using the Principal People Consultancy Service:

  1. Competitively priced we have consultants from £200 per day
  2. Flexibility you only pay for the days you require our Consultant with no notice period required
  3. Each contractor is fit for your requirement you choose the qualification level, level operated at (Advisor / Manager / Head of), Location etc.
  4. Over 2,500 Health and Safety Consultants in our network
  5. Ability to have a Consultant start within 24 hours
  6. Ad hoc advice video and telephone access
  7. Full compliance check including two references, qualification(s) check and right to work in the UK

How does this work?

       Identify your Health and Safety requirement and contact us on 01252 954 967

       Hold a telephone or video conference with your Account Manager to discuss your requirement and best solution

       We present multiple Consultant options to you within your agreed timescales and budget

       We arrange a start date after your objective is complete

       You inform us our Consultant is no longer required once the work is complete

If you are in need of a Contractor to help your organisation, please contact Max Stone today on 01252 954 967 or via m.stone@principalpeople.co.uk.