What is Safety4Good?

Safety4Good is an initiative developed by the UK Health & Safety Leaders and Principal People to raise the positive profile of the profession in 3 ways:

1. Donating time to great causes - either at work or selflessly in your own time

2. Mentoring new and young entrants in the profession to maximise their potential and contribution and progress their careers

3. Raising money for our portfolio of charities through donation and events

The purpose of Safety4Good is to raise the positive profile of the significant proactive and preventative work that Health & Safety professionals do to protect and serve their communities and colleagues.

In the past, the media and the public have negatively portrayed the Health and Safety profession. This not a true reflection of the people who work every day with a passion to protect us and our quality of life. Our mission is to change this misunderstanding.

Visit the Safety4Good website to find out more!

How have Principal People been involved?

Safety4Good was founded by our Managing Director, Simon Bliss and he, alongside Health and Safety Leaders and the support of the industry, have nurtured it from being just an idea to the great organisation that it is today.

The Principal People Team have been incredibly active in supporting Safety4Good and Simon, see below a few of our recent sucesses from our team. We also hold regular Safety4Good events which provide training and education as well as presentations from Mental Health Experts, H&S Industry Leaders, figureheads within leadership and other benefits for the industry. 

If you would like to be a part of the Safety4Good movement, please contact us on info@principalpeople.co.uk or visit the Safety4Good website