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Iris Edmonds

Iris Edmonds

Marketing Apprentice

22 February 2024

How to hire the best HSEQ talent in 2024

How do you ensure that you are attracting the right HSEQ professionals?

How do you ensure that you are attracting the right HSEQ professionals?


Understandably, it can be difficult to realise what it takes to attract and retain the best HSEQ talent there is in the current candidate-lead hiring market. 


There are a few factors that can affect your opportunities that as a hiring manager you should be aware of. Let’s jump into what you should consider in the recruitment process.


Clear career progression 


82% of employees would consider leaving their job if they didn’t have clear progression and development plans, as it is valued knowing they have a place within the company for the future. Having a clear plan for your employees with targets they can hit, alongside a motivating team will build up loyalty to the company due to you creating a rewarding environment that promises job security.


Job seekers can also add more value to your business by becoming highly qualified. This leads to them having more experience and can help train and develop those newer to the industry. In order to provide this value, businesses commonly financially assist the education and exam costs. In return, this attracts those looking to develop in their career and remain motivated to contribute their best.


Hybrid work/flexibility


Unfortunately, as emergencies can happen at any given time it is often required that health and safety professionals are immediately available. However, what we are seeing in the industry is a growing appetite for hybrid and flexible working hours.


44% of employees work in a hybrid role as it allows employees to still have personal commitments such as taking their children to school or medical appointments. Without offering some kind of flexibility, you could be missing out on nearly half of the suitable talent pool!


Salary and package


It is vital to stay ahead of the curve when hiring, this can be done by researching the average salaries of the role in your area and ensuring you have compensated for the job seeker's qualifications and most importantly their experience. Commonly, job seekers require a NEBOSH certification as a minimum to work in health and safety, yet if they hold an additional membership (e.g.  GradIOSH) then their professional experience must be reflected in their overall package.


Within such a competitive hiring market, salary alone doesn’t secure you the best HSEQ talent. In a recent study, it was found that 65% of UK staff would take a pay cut to receive better benefits from their employer. Offering an attractive package can help you stand out from the competition. 


Hiring the best HSEQ talent in 2024 demands a strategic approach. Even though it is your hiring process, it is a job seeker-led market, so you must consider what you are offering to ensure you don’t miss out on the best talent available.


At Principal People we are committed to helping you navigate the hiring journey and if you would like to discuss our specialist recruitment process further, please reach out.


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